There are a variety of beach shoes that are ideal for use on the beach. It is best to find a pair that is comfortable to wear, and also one that provides good traction. The comfort is a big issue for beach shoes because the kids are going to wear them all day long! The footwear should be able to resist water damage from sand and other debris. It is also important to look for sandals that are lightweight so that they do not get tangled up in the sand while children are playing. These are the main features you need to take care of if you want good beach shoes for kids!


Some children will grow out of the sandals that are designed for sand and water, and then they may have to look at other types of foot protection. There are sandals that can provide ankle support as well as keep children’s feet dry in the event that the sand gets wet. In this case, there are sandals that have a built-in pad that will provide protection.


Sandals that are made from cotton or nylon are often very comfortable for children to wear. Cotton ones are the best in my opinion because they won’t cause any irritation to most of the kids! If the sand has any type of design, then the sandals should be resistant to slipping will be much more likely. The slipping is not an issue for the beaches. However, if your kid is going to use the sandals next to a pool, you should definitely keep slipping in your head! In addition, sandals that fit snugly around the ankle will provide support and traction. The ankle support is important if your kid constantly moves around. It will definitely improve ankle stability!

Toe Protection

If you want to provide toe protection to your children while they are playing on the beach, then it is important to get sandals that are designed to provide toe protection. These sandals have a strap that will secure around the toe. These straps are pretty useful if you have an active kid! Most of the kids can easily hurt their toes during playtime which is worrisome for parents! The strap will also help to prevent slippage.

If your children are on the beach and they are wearing sandals, it is a good idea to make sure that they have access to a pair of beach shoes that will provide comfort as well as protection. Most beach shoes come with water resistance in mind. Beach shoes are generally great for special beaches. Sandals are great for pools and other water activities!

Water Shoes

For children who will be spending a lot of time on the beach, then it is recommended that they get sandals that are waterproof. In this case, they can stay dry when the sand gets wet. There are sandals that come with water-resistant materials that are considered more casual as well as some that are more formal. You can also take look water shoes for toddlers which are great for professional swimmers. These shoes are also great for swimming and gymnastics activities!

There are also some sandals that are made with material that is more durable than other types of materials. Slipping is an issue if your kid is into pool sports. If slipping is a problem you should invest in aqua shoes in my opinion. If your kid wants sandals you can still buy them. You have to make sure you purchase a pair of sandals that provide good traction and comfort while they are playing on the beach.